West Pennant Hills Physiotherapy For Workers Compensation

Have you recently experienced an injury at work? West Pennant Hills Physiotherapy can assist you in overcoming your recent work injury. When booking your initial assessment, please let us know whether or not you intend on claiming Workers Compensation for your physiotherapy services.  Workers Compensation for physiotherapy can help you pay for the services and treatment you require. However, payment is required until your claim is approved.

Workers Compensation Physiotherapy Which Offers An Individualised Approach To Treatment

At West Pennant Hills Physiotherapy, we understand the stress that comes with a workplace injury. You might be forced to take time off work. On top of that, you may require physiotherapy treatment to make a full recovery and return to work. Our team strives to make this process a little less stressful, as well as help make your recovery as smooth as possible.

For Injuries

You will need to see your doctor prior to attending your first appointment. Your GP will fill out the necessary paperwork to create your workers compensation claim. You will also need to notify your work. At your initial consult with us, you will need to provide us with your claim number, insurer details, employer details, and date of injury. Please also bring your Certificate of Capacity, which will be provided to you by your GP when they set up the claim.

Ongoing Treatment

In most cases, your insurer will automatically cover your first 8 Physiotherapy sessions. If you require ongoing treatment, your Physiotherapist will submit the required paperwork to your insurer for approval, outlining details of necessary treatment and management of your injury or condition.

How Workers Compensation Physiotherapy Can Help You

Workers Compensation Physiotherapy can help you cover the unexpected costs of treatment following a workplace accident or injury. It can ensure you take the right steps toward making a full recovery and getting back into the workplace as soon and as safely as possible.

What Is Workers Compensation Physiotherapy?

Workers Compensation Physiotherapy involves treatment for a work-related injury that occurred at work. It aims to assist your recovery in returning to work so that you are able to perform all work duties pain-free at full functional capacity.

What Does Workers Compensation Physiotherapy Cover?

To claim under workers compensation, your injury must have occurred while you were at work. Workers compensation physiotherapy involves getting you back to work as quickly as possible. You may need to have time off work, or be performing modified duties as your injury heals. For example, if your job is very physical and labour intensive, you may have to cease all manual work for a while and only perform light admin duties. During the acute stages of your injury, Physiotherapy will involve pain relief methods such as soft tissue massage, joint mobilisations, ultrasound, TENS and heat packs. Your Physiotherapist will work with you to restore your range of motion, strength, endurance, and balance, so that you are able to perform all the tasks you are required to do at work.

What Information Do I Need To Provide Before My Appointment?

Before your first appointment with us, you will need to see your GP who will organise your workers compensation paperwork. You will need to provide us with your date of injury, claim number, insurer, and contact details of your case manager and GP. You will also have to notify your work.

What’s The Difference Between Regular Physio, & Workers Compensation Physiotherapy?

If your injury requires you to take time off work, we will focus on getting you back to work and ensuring you can perform all necessary tasks pain free. You may have to modify or alter your work duties for a short period of time as your injury heals. We will communicate with your GP and insurer regularly to inform them of your progress and what you can and can’t do. For example, we may recommend a limit of how much you are able to lift at work. Your insurer will automatically cover the first 8 Physiotherapy sessions. If you require treatment beyond this, your Physiotherapist will complete a treatment plan and send this off to your insurer for approval.

How Do I Get Started?

If you have injured yourself at work and would like to claim your treatment through workers compensation, you will first need to see your GP. They will organise the necessary paperwork to set you up with a claim number, insurer, and case manager. You also have to notify your work. You can then contact us to book an appointment. Please let us know that you are intending to claim your treatment through workers compensation. Your GP will provide you with a form called a “Certificate of Capacity”, which outlines any restrictions on your working capacity. Bring this form along to your first appointment. Give us a call on 9875 3760 or email us info@wphphysio.com.au to make an appointment.