Wahroonga Physio Home Visits

Our Wahroonga Physio home visits are available for those who are unable to see us in our rooms. This may be because the pain is too severe, or if people have mobility problems.  We are able to treat you in the comfort of your own home.

Conditions that we see on a Wahroonga Physio home visit

Neck pain and headaches

Lower back pain



Rehabilitation for patients before or after surgery

Sports injuries

Falls prevention

Balance and mobility problems

Elderly with transport issues

Your Wahroonga physiotherapy home visit will involve the physiotherapist coming to your home where they will take a thorough history, and then perform a physical assessment. They will come up with a diagnosis and then use both manual therapy and massage techniques to help relieve your pain. They will also prescribe an exercise program that has been geared toward your personal needs in order to make your recovery as smooth sailing as possible. We don’t just focus on your injury, but look at all factors that will help achieve a better outcome. If needed, we can also supply equipment to help you recover quicker, such as walking boots, braces, or contour pillows.

We require a doctor’s referral for workers compensation or motor vehicle accident patients. Also, if you are claiming through Medicare we require an EPC referral from your GP. Private patients do not need a referral and we can provide you with a receipt following your appointment if you are claiming from your private health fund.

You can pay for the appointment with cash on the day, or we can take credit card payment over the phone.


Contact us today for your Wahroonga physiotherapy home visit!


We conduct our home visits on weekdays, Monday – Friday, and our rooms are located in West Pennant Hills.  Just call us on 98753760 or email for an appointment on info@wphphysio.com.au.