Are you looking for the best ankle brace for basketball to protect you during basketball?

The right ankle brace can provide extra support and protection while playing sports, especially those involving sudden movement or sharp turns such as a basketball player.

Ankle braces can help minimise your risk of sustaining an injury by providing stability to your ankles and supporting weakened ligaments.

We know that finding a high-quality ankle brace may be difficult so we’ve done the research for you!

Our selection of the best available basketball ankle braces and ankle sleeves for basketball on the market come with convenient features like adjustable straps, breathable fabrics and more, ensuring that you’ll find one will perfectly provides maximum comfort and extra protection during any game.

Find out more about our range of basketball ankle brace solutions and purchase yours now for maximum protection during your next game!

How we choose

If you’re looking for the right ankle support to help make your basketball experience more enjoyable and safe, we’ve done all of the research on different braces so you don’t have to!

We understand that many players wear higher-ankled basketball shoes during games — our selection has taken this into account while considering various levels of support at a variety of price points.

There are many different ankle braces and ankle sleeves for basketball to choose from. Figuring out the best ankle brace from all or those braces on the internet can be a difficult and confusing process.

I have read through thousands of user reviews and star ratings for many ankle braces, and put my years of experience in the health industry into the research to help you make the best decision for the best basketball ankle brace, regardless of your budget.

No matter your circumstance, there’s a basketball ankle brace out there perfect just for you!

What I look for in an ankle brace for basketball

Type of shoe?High vs low cut? High cut shoes limit brace options.
Type of supportFor injuries, use a brace to mimic sports strapping, especially if ankle feels unstable.
If no need for significant support, a light brace for just compression and maybe light strapping. This fits better under high cut shoes.
ComfortNeeds to allow good range of motion for running, jumping, landing, changing direction quickly.
StabilityBasketball involves quick sprints, stops, starts, duration changes, heavy landings from heights.
A brace with figure 6 or 8 straps will help protect the ankle from medial and lateral motion, but will allow bending and flexing for running.

Med Spec ASO Ankle Brace

Why I love it

Excellent support lace up ankle brace design, plus the stabilising straps on both sides reinforce the brace.

This lace up design provides excellent protection and rigid support for the ankle, which will give you peace of mind when you play sport.

The Med Spec brace will fit both left and right ankles, and the low profile design will fit into most runners comfortably.

The stabilising straps form figure-eight to protect and support ankle injury.

The Med spec ASO ankle brace has an elastic cuff closure which enhances support from stabilising straps and secures laces.

The low profile will fit in any type of shoe.

The nylon boot provides tremendous strength and durability for any basketball player.

What you should know

Come in 8 sizes from XX Small to 3x Large.

Comes in two colours, black and white.

The bilateral design fits left or right foot.

Made in the USA for higher quality control standards.

Stabilising Straps form complete figure-eight to protect and support ankle.

Can be machine washed on a gentle cycle, no bleach. Air dry.

ConfiLife Ankle brace for Men & Women

Why I love it

From the mid foot through the arch area, our premium ankle brace can be easily adjusted to suit all ankles sizes for men and women.

With Velcro closure, the ankle brace wraps your feet with good compression to help improve circulation, which in turn helps reduce swelling and the pain associated with overuse or injury.

It is easy to put on, but still provides excellent compression and full support for both the arch of the foot, and the ankle.

Ankle compression helps reduce swelling and the pain associated with overuse or injury.

The ankle brace is made of premium breathable and elastic material that provides comfort all day long, even during the most active lifestyle.

It has non-slip silicon inside to provide a strong grip, and is comfortable enough to wear all day or for sport.

What you should know

The Confilife ankle brace was designed to provide injured, weak, or damaged ankles with the support they need to prevent further injury and safeguard your health.

Lifetime warranty – if you’re not 100% satisfied, Confilife offers a Lifetime Money Back or Replacement Guarantee with no questions asked.

This gives peace of mind that it has been made with high quality materials that will last.

No need to worry about finding the perfect size – our ankle brace is adjustable and fits both left and right feet.

So whether you have a history of ankle injuries or simply want to play it safe, the Confilife ankle brace is for you.

It comes in a sleek black colour that will look great with any basketball gear.

Jupiter foot sleeve, with compression wrap

Why I love it

This is a compression sleeve with optional reinforcing straps. this allows flexibility of use.

The compression sleeves provides support, pain relief and management of swelling.

The straps can be used as well for extra ankle support or if playing sport to give greater stability.

Our foot sleeves are designed to fit your ankles perfectly, without restricting movement.

The durable and breathable nylon material is also velvety soft, ensuring a comfortable fit.

The nylon material is strong and breathable, preventing chafing and overheating.

It also has a soft velvety feel, making it more comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

This ankle brace allows transition from an ankle sprain to sport without needing to buy another brace.

What you should know

The lightweight and breathable material makes this ankle brace comfortable to wear while playing.

The moisture wicking fabric will help keep your feet dry and comfortable.

The brace comes in black with black, green, or pink trim, and fits both left and right feet.

It also comes in four sizes, small to x large, to ensure a perfect fit.

The slim fit design means the ankle brace will fit comfortably under your shoes.

The soft materials make it comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Mueller Sports Medicine The One Ankle Brace

Why I love it

It has a speed lacing system which is good if you are in a hurry.

Figure 8 strapping – the straps provide really good lateral and medial support for sport and exercise which is important after injury or just for prevention.

It has an exclusive comfort band under the arch which helps support the planter fascia under the arch, and provide further stability for the foot.

It has a grip texture to help prevent slipping inside your runner.

Breathable material reduces moisture build-up between skin and brace.

What you should know

Prevent ankle injuries while playing basketball with this comfortable brace that fits both left and right feet.

The wrap-around design makes it easy to put on and take off. The ankle brace is also adjustable so you can get the perfect fit.

The brace is available in black only.

This ankle brace comes in 8 sizes from XX Small to XXX Large to ensure a perfect fit for everyone.


Should you wear ankle braces while playing basketball?

If you’re serious about basketball, protecting your ankles should be a priority. 

Wearing an ankle brace can significantly reduce the risk of sprains – studies have found that it provides three times more protection than no support at all, and decreases first-time injuries by 68%. 

With this extra layer of security during play, you’ll keep enjoying the game for longer.

Do NBA players wear ankle support?

You don’t want to risk an ankle sprain and end your basketball career, so it is important for all basketball players – rookies or veterans – to equip themselves with the best protection against injury. 

Most NBA players opt for hinged-cuff ankle braces which provide superior stability and maximum support. Stephen Curry wears ankle braces when he plays.

Wearing an ankle brace can provide an invaluable extra layer of defence against those niggling injuries that might otherwise interrupt your court side career.

What is the most common ankle injury in basketball?

Basketball players need to be on the lookout for lateral ankle sprains, as research has shown that this strain is responsible for an overwhelming majority of reported basketball-related injuries. 

In professional leagues specifically, 80.2% of all ankle wounds are due in part to this type of sprain – making it more prevalent than any other kind!

Wearing an ankle brace or ankle sleeve can make the difference.

How long does it take to recover from an ankle sprain in basketball?

Injuries are an unfortunate reality in sports, and for basketball players their greatest danger is the ankle sprain. 

With imposed immobilisation at first and healing times of 6-8 weeks till you can hoop again, recovering from this painful experience will require time and patience.

Letting your body heal to its full strength before returning to action is key for preventing further damage.

Wearing an ankle brace or ankle sleeve can give a basketball player as much protection as possible from injury, and get them back on the court faster after cleared to play by a medical professional.

Can I play basketball with a rolled ankle?

While your competitive spirit may lead you to want to play basketball with a rolled ankle, it is not recommended. 

Research has shown that when individuals don’t properly recover from an acute sprained ankle they are at risk of developing chronic instability in the joint. 

Signs such as often rolling or turning your ankle during sports activities, especially on uneven surfaces should be taken seriously and addressed appropriately for best long-term results!

Some people tape their ankles, even healthy ankles, with athletic tape which is an effective but ultimately costly option. Ankle braces are the other choice to ensure that you you have the best protection to keep on playing.

Why does my ankle hurt when I play basketball?

A sprained ankle is a painful yet typical ankle injury resulting from an overextension of the ligaments which stabilise the bones in your ankle joint, usually caused by quick lateral movements or a loss of balance. Ankle supports are a good way of reducing the incidence of ankle injuries.

For more information, you can check out our blog on Physiotherapy for Sprained Ankle

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