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Sports Physiotherapy at West Pennant Hills Physio, Sydney


At West Pennant Hills Physio, we aim at getting people out of pain as soon as possible whilst allowing them to perform at their best. During those days you are off your sports schedule, you may want to make an appointment with a sports therapist to assess your fitness, strength, and flexibility. When you take a break from training or doing sports activities be they rugby, athletics, soccer, gym, and other kinds of sports and fitness activities, your muscle strength, conditioning, and endurance tends to decline.

If you suddenly head back to your routine training and sports activities without adequate conditioning, it places your body and muscles at risk of injury. Besides, if you have had an injury during sports or when training, a sports physio in Sydney can help you regain your fitness, flexibility, and strength so that you are back in shape to continue exercising and doing sports.

How sports physiotherapy in Sydney can help you

A sports physio will assess your muscle function, flexibility, strength, range of motion, biomechanics, and stability. A sports physiotherapist will address any kind of deficits you may have like muscle weakness, imbalances, or even poor motor control. At West Pennant Hills Physiotherapy, we design individually tailored exercise programs and physiotherapy treatment to help target your needs to prepare you and equip you with sports readiness to begin your sporting activities. We also advise you on how you can prevent injury and adjust your sports and training load so that you make the most of your sports preparation efforts.

If you have pain or injury that has been bothering you and it’s still persisting, we come in handy to help you get back into shape. Ignoring your pain could lead to worsened injury that may take longer to recover.

Sports injuries tend to be different from normal daily life injuries. When doing sports activities, you put more pressure on body parts including joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons thus making them prone to injury. A sports physio in Sydney will help get you out of pain whilst focusing on your performance and development to ensure full functionality.

Sports Physio Treatment

Common injuries sports physiotherapist in Sydney can handle

At West Pennant Hills Physio, we help address common sports injuries such as:


Ankle sprains and foot injuries

Muscle pain

Joint injury

Back pain

Torn ACL

Groin injuries

Calf injuries

Wrist & hand injuries

and other kinds of sports injuries.


We will help pace your activity so that your body is conditioned for the next training and sporting season. Contact us today to find out how we can help you with pre-season training and recovery of your sports injury or pain.

Sports Physio Treatment

What Is Sports Physiotherapy?

Sports Physiotherapy involves assessing, managing, and preventing injuries that occur as a result of sport or exercise. Here at West Pennant Hills Physio we see many sports injuries, including acute injuries that have just happened, as well as recurring problems. We also see post-operative patients who have had surgery following a sports injury, and we work closely with them to help them return to their sport or activity. Whether it be high level competitive sport, or you just play for fun, we are here to provide sports physio to all people in the Sydney area.

Sports Physio Treatment

What Are The Benefits Of Sports Physiotherapy?

Sports Physiotherapy is important in order for you to return to playing your sport without pain. After a sport injury, you will often lose range of motion, strength and function. All these aspects need to be rehabilitated properly so that you are able to cope with all the challenges of your sport once you return. Sports physio will firstly provide you with pain relief, using soft tissue techniques, ultrasound, TENS and hot or cold packs. As your pain improves, sports physio will help to improve your range of motion through manual therapy techniques, massage and stretching exercises. It will also help to improve your strength and endurance. We will assess your strength in specific muscle groups and address any weakness or muscle imbalances that you may have. We will then prescribe you with an exercise program that is tailored specifically to your needs. The benefits of sports injury physio are that your exercise program is sports specific and will include drills to target the skills required in your sport. By doing this, you will be at a decreased risk of re-injuring the affected area when you return to play. Injury prevention is a major focus of sports physiotherapy here at West Pennant Hills Physio.

Sports Physio Treatment
Sports Physio Treatment

What Type Of Injuries Does Sports Physio Cover?

Sports Physio covers a wide range of injuries. This includes soft tissue injuries involving the ligaments, tendons and muscles, as well as nerve injuries, dislocations and fractures. Your sports physiotherapist will assess and examine the affected area to come up with a diagnosis. They will look at your range of motion, strength and determine whether you have any muscle tightness or weakness. A combination of hands on manual therapy techniques and massage, along with ultrasound, TENS and hot or cold packs will be used to help relieve your pain. You will then be given an exercise program tailored to your needs which will incorporate flexibility, strength, endurance, power and speed. The exercises will be sports specific to help rehabilitate you back to competition level. Here at West Pennant Hills Physio, our physiotherapists are highly skilled in treating acute sports injuries, as well as injuries that may be recurring for quite some time. We also do post-operative rehabilitation after surgery and achieve great results with athletes returning to competition level. If you are based in Sydney, come see us for all your sports injury needs!

Sports Physio Treatment

What Are Common Sports Injuries I Should See A Physio For?

Some of the most common sports injuries we see are muscle strains or tears, especially in the calf, hamstring, groin, and quads. These muscles are commonly injured in sports that require lots of running, jumping and changes of direction such as soccer, rugby, netball and basketball. We also see lots of ankle injuries which range from a mild ankle sprain, to multiple torn ligaments in the ankle. Sports physio is also important for knee injuries, which can involve damage to the ligaments, cartilage, or muscles. Shoulder injuries can be common with sports such as cricket, swimming, tennis or netball. They often involve damage to the rotator cuff, or could be due to instability in the shoulder joint. If you are looking for a sports physio in Sydney, contact us now so we can get you back on the road to recovery!

Sports Physio Treatment
Sports Physio Treatment

How Many Sessions Does It Take Until Recovery?

The severity of your injury will determine how long your recovery will take and how many sports injury physio sessions you will need. Most soft tissue injuries are graded on a scale of one to three. A Grade 1 injury is a mild strain that involves a small number of muscle fibres. You will have pain but will retain most of your function. Grade 1 strains take approximately 2 weeks to recover. Grade 2 injuries are moderate strains whereby a significant number of muscle fibres are affected you will have a moderate loss of function. Recovery will take 4-6 weeks and if you are aiming to return to high impact or high speed sport you will require proper rehabilitation under the guidance of a physiotherapist. Grade 3 injuries are severe strains or tears, and in some cases a complete rupture of the muscle can occur.  Full recovery for Grade 3 injuries may take several months and you will need to seek professional advice and treatment to help you return to your sport. Some grade 3 injuries may require surgical intervention, in which case it can take several months to undergo your post-operative rehabilitation.

Sports Physio Treatment

How Does West Pennant Hills Physio Take An Individualised Approach To Sports Physio?

Here at West Pennant Hills Physio we have extensive experience in managing sports injuries. In the acute stages of your injury, we will utilise hands on manual therapy techniques and massage to help restore blood flow to the injured area and improve your range of motion. We will also use ultrasound, hot or cold packs, and TENS to assist in pain relief. We will prescribe you with an individually tailored exercise program that will first focus on restoring full range of motion and then will involve building up strength in your affected muscles. We will also assess the surrounding muscles of your injury to determine whether you have any muscle imbalances that need addressing before returning to sport. We will incorporate sports specific drills into your exercise program to train your body to cope with all the demands that your sport entails. We work closely with the athlete to help them return to full functional capacity. We liaise with your coach to advise them on how long you will require off sport, and what exercises are safe to do in the meantime. If you have just had surgery and are undergoing post-operative rehabilitation, we will liaise closely with your orthopaedic surgeon and GP. If you are looking for a Sports Physio in Sydney, contact us today! Give us a call on 9875 3760, or email us