Orthotics Fitting

Hills District physio orthotic fitting


Looking for a professional, friendly orthotics fitting in the Hills District Sydney region? Our team is the right choice.

Here at West Pennant Hills Physiotherapy, we assist people of all ages in achieving total comfort and performance through our client-tailored orthotics fitting service.

Find out more about the orthotics fitting Dural locals trust.

What are orthotics?

Here in Sydney, orthotics benefit people from all walks of life: athletes, children, the elderly, and everyone in between.

Put simply, orthotics are orthopaedic devices that modify foot function to adjust and support misalignments and biomechanical foot disorders. Orthotics are slipped into your shoes, giving your feet the care they need to function at their full potential.

Orthotics Fitting

What conditions can a Sydney physio orthotics fitting treat?

An orthotics fitting in Sydney can help treat a whole host of conditions, including the following:


Leg length discrepancy

Poor posture

Biomechanical issues in the lower leg or feet

Irregular gaits

Lower back, ankle, heel, or arch pain

Reduced athletic performance, including poor running technique


We assess your personal limitations and take the time to understand your goals. After an examination, we can fit you with high-quality orthotics that relieve pain, improve performance, and enhance your day-to-day comfort. After your fitting, we are available to make any adjustments.

Orthotics Fitting

Are orthotics uncomfortable?

When you invest in a top-quality fitting service in Sydney, orthotics should not be uncomfortable at all. There may be some adjustment period, but after that is over, your feet should feel more comfortable than ever.

Our orthotics are crafted from high-density foam – they are moldable and sport appropriate, meaning you can continue keeping fit and doing what you love. Our local residents throughout the Hills District area, whether searching for an Epping or Dural physio, continue to come back for our top-quality service.

Orthotics Fitting

After my Sydney orthotics fitting, can I still wear my favourite shoes?

For the most part, yes. We offer both full-length and slim-fit orthotics, so you can continue wearing the shoes you love.

There will be some shoes – such as very tall high heels – that will not be compatible with your new orthotics. That doesn’t mean you have to give up wearing high heels forever. Just wear them in moderation without your orthotics, and use the orthotics whenever you wear compatible shoes.

Orthotics Fitting
Orthotics Fitting

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To give our passionate, qualified team the time they need to deliver a thorough assessment and fitting, we recommend making an appointment. To schedule an appointment at a time that suits you, contact our friendly team today on (02) 9875 3760. Alternatively, we’re located on Castle Hill Road, so if you’re looking for a Dural physio conveniently located within the area, our friendly staff will be here to help.