Flexibility Program

Improved flexibility can deliver a whole host of life-changing benefits, from reducing your risk of injury to enhancing your athletic performance. Our approachable flexibility class is a fun and effective way to restore your range of motion, release tension, and boost your circulation.

Discover more about the West Pennant Hills Physiotherapy flexibility class below.

Want to improve flexibility? Classes are a great option in Sydney

Have you noticed that your tight muscles are holding you back at work, during sports, or as you enjoy your hobbies? No worries.

Our multifaceted flexibility program is run by a team of passionate, qualified teachers dedicated to ensuring you feel your best.

Each class runs for one hour. During the flexibility class, you will perform spinal, shoulder, arm, and leg stretches. These exercises are designed specifically to enhance your range of motion, lengthen the muscles, and promote healing.

As an added bonus, you may also experience a sense of rest and relaxation. Our regular Sydney residents continue to come back to our flexibility classes, stretching from Hornsby to Pennant Hills.

Six benefits of flexibility classes at West Pennant Hills Physiotherapy

Improved flexibility has no shortage of benefits. Let’s take a look at just six.

Flexibility Class

1. Reduced risk of injury

Strength and flexibility allow your body to effectively overcome physical stress. What’s more, our flexibility program can minimise any muscle imbalance, again reducing your risk of injury.

Flexibility Class

2. Better posture

Increased muscular flexibility can improve posture, as it gives your body the space to maintain proper alignment.

Flexibility Class

3. Minimised pain

Lengthening and opening through the body will improve your overall wellbeing. Stretching releases tension, and tension can cause pain and cramps.

Flexibility Class

4. Enhanced physical performance

Tight muscles can be restrictive. Increasing flexibility allows for a greater range of motion, giving your muscles the capacity to work to their full potential.

Flexibility Class

5. Increased strength

Working on flexibility can also increase your strength. Flexible yet strong muscles have the correct amount of tension – they are resilient enough to support both day-to-day and athletic movement.

Flexibility Class

6. A positive mindset

Having a flexible body gives you a flexible mind. Taking time out to stretch and relax can result in a blissful, relaxed feeling – both during the flexibility class and at home.

Flexibility Class
Flexibility Class

Join us for a flexibility class

Our flexibility classes are held on Monday nights from 6 pm.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team. Call on (02) 9875 3760 today. Alternatively, visit our centre on Castle Hill Road – we’re your local Hornsby physio all residents throughout the Hills District area love!