Circuit / General Fitness Class

Our West Pennant Hills Circuit class provides an opportunity for people to work on their general fitness, whether it be to maintain or improve their fitness or to work towards weight loss.  This is a great class for people who want a regular exercise program, but don’t want all the trappings of going to a gym.

Our circuit class runs for about 45 minutes.  The circuit class is set up with eight different stations.  Each station runs for two minutes, and everyone does each station twice over the course of the class, giving a totals of 16 stations altogether. After every four stations, there will be a short drink break.

Fitness Circuit Classes

The stations in the class can include:


Stationary bike

Weights of different types


Balance apparatus

Theraband strengthening


Our Circuit class is suitable for all ages and fitness levels.  Our fitness class aims to work on your general fitness, core strength, and balance.  Exercises can be modified depending on your condition. And if for whatever reason you are unable to do a particular exercise, we will give you an alternative that you can do.

Fitness Circuit Classes

People who could benefit from our Circuit Class might be:

People who have not done any exercise for a while and are looking to start

People looking for a regular exercise program but not keen to go top a gym

People looking to build on their fitness in a relaxed and comfortable way

People who just want to get fitter or maintain their fitness


At West Pennant Hills Physiotherapy and Sports Injuries Centre we are looking to find ways for people of all ages and stages to access affordable, regular and accessible fitness programs.  Our Circuit Class fitness class offers an opportunity for anyone to regularly maintain or increase their fitness without the hassle of ongoing membership or larger gym surroundings.

Our Circuit Fitness class runs twice a week: Thursday evenings at 6pm, and Saturday mornings at 10am.