Epping Physio Home Visits

Do you need an Epping Physio Home Visit?


Our Epping patients who are unable to come see us in our rooms, can take advantage of our Epping Physiotherapy home visit service. If your pain is too severe for you to move, or you have mobility problems, we can offer you treatment in your home at your convenience.

What conditions can benefit from an Epping Physio Home Visit?

Elderly people unable to drive to see us

Mobility and balance problems

Falls prevention

Rehabilitation after surgery

Sport injuries

Lower back and neck pain



An Epping physiotherapy home visit will involve our Physiotherapist from West Pennant Hills coming to see you in your own home. They will ask you questions to gather your history, and then perform a physical examination. Once a diagnosis has been made, treatment will involve manual techniques and massage, combined with an exercise program specifically designed for you. Each treatment is tailored to the individual to ensure recovery is as smooth sailing as possible. We look at each person as a whole, not just the injury.

A referral is not necessary if you are a private patient. We will need a doctor’s referral if you are a workers compensation or motor vehicle accident patient. To claim through medicare, we require a referral from your GP with an EPC management plan.

Payment can be made over the phone, or via cash on the day. If you are in a private health fund we will provide you with a receipt so that you can claim back your rebate.


What Makes Our Epping Physio Home Visits Unique?

Our practice is well acquainted with the local community, having provided treatment since 1984. Every staff member approaches each treatment session with a holistic view. We look at each patient as an individual, despite the fact that they may have a very common injury. We discuss your health and fitness goals, and work out a plan together on how to best achieve them and get you back to your optimum function. This is just one of the reasons why we provide Epping physio home visits to our patients, so they have the opportunity to see a physiotherapist if they are immobile.

We approach each session with a combination of hands-on treatment and exercise. We perform joint mobilisations and soft tissue massage to help with pain relief by addressing the stiffness and tightness in your muscles and joints. We provide you with further pain relief through ultrasound, heat packs and TENS. Our exercise programs are individually tailored and we design them based on your specific needs and functional goals. The exercises will target specific areas based on our assessment findings, whether it be flexibility, strength, endurance, agility or balance. We will educate you on how to best manage your pain at home or work, and can give you advice on workstation set up, activity modifications, guidelines for rest from sport, and so much more.

Contact Us Today For Epping Physiotherapy Centre Home Visit Treatments!


We are located in West Pennant Hills, however our Epping physiotherapy clients love the opportunity of a home visit. To make an appointment for an Epping physiotherapy home visit, please contact us via phone or email to arrange a time that best suits you. We are located in West Pennant Hills and our Epping physio home visits are conducted on weekdays. Contact us today!