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For those who are unable to get to Castle Hill physio clinics, we offer a home visit service that allows you to receive treatment in the comfort of your own home. Travelling to see us may not be feasible due to the severity of your condition, or due to mobility issues.

What conditions do we see on a home visit?

Mobility and balance conditions

Falls prevention


Post-operative rehabilitation

Sporting injuries

Neck and lower back pain

Whiplash injuries

Motor vehicle accidents

Elderly people who have limited mobility


A Castle Hill physio home visit will involve our Physiotherapist from West Pennant Hills coming to your home. They will take a detailed history and then examine you to determine what treatment is best for you. A combination of hands on manual techniques and massage, along with a specific exercise program, will be used to help speed up your recovery. We tailor each treatment to the individual person. If necessary, we are also able to provide you with any equipment that can help in your recovery such as braces, walking boots, orthotics, or contour pillows.

We accept a number of payment options, including cash on the day, or paying by credit card over the phone. We can provide you with a receipt following your appointment if you intend to claim back from a private health fund.

Private patients do not need a referral from the doctor. For those who are claiming through Medicare, we will need a referral from your GP along with an EPC plan. Referrals are also needed for workers compensation and motor vehicle accident patients.

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Why Do Castle Hill Physio Home Visit Patients Like Our Holistic Approach To Treatment?

Our practice has been providing treatment to the community since 1984. All members of our staff adopt a holistic approach towards each patient, aiming to help you recover as quickly as possible. Our goal is to improve your quality of life and get you back to your optimum function so that you are able to do all the activities that you love. Although we do see many injuries that are common, we know that each patient we see is unique, and require a different approach to treatment, which is one of the reasons why we offer our Castle Hill physio home visits.

Our approach to treatment is very hands on and includes manual therapy such as joint mobilisations and massage. This aims to provide you with pain relief by releasing the stiffness and tension in your muscles and joints. We also utilise ultrasound, heat packs and TENS for pain relief and to help promote blood flow to the injured area. We will prescribe you with a comprehensive exercise program that will incorporate stretches and strength work which are addressed to your specific muscle tightness or weakness. As your pain improves we progress our exercises to incorporate components of endurance, speed, and stability. We can give you important tips and advice on how best to manage your pain at home and through the working day.

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We are located in West Pennant Hills, however our Castle Hill physiotherapy clients love our Physio home visit service! To arrange a Castle Hill physio home visit, please contact us via phone or email to make an appointment. We are located in West Pennant Hills and conduct our home visits Monday-Friday.