Best ankle brace for soccer

Are you playing soccer and thinking about an ankle brace?

We want to help you find the best ankle brace for soccer.

Ankle braces help to support your ankle while playing soccer, ensuring that you are best able to protect yourself against the risk of injury.

An ankle brace for soccer will allow you to return to play sport quicker if you have had an injury and you have been cleared to return by your health practitioner, and act as protection against sustaining the same injury.

Check out our research into the best ankle brace for your soccer.

How we choose?

We know that you want to find the best possible brace after spraining your ankle. We are here to make that decision much simpler.

I have read through thousands of user reviews and star ratings, and put my years of experience in the health industry into the research to help you make the best decision for your ankle regardless of your budget.

From affordable ankle braces for soccer to ones with giving better support for sport, I will have something here for your personal situation. There is something to suit you no matter your budget.

So check out my range of best ankle braces for soccer!

Best ankle brace for soccer

McDavid Stealth Ankle Brace

Why I love it

Revolutionary step-thru rear-entry design and thin-wrap compression top strap make it convenient, comfortable and well fitting.

Lace-free ankle brace is ideal to be used as a replacement for tape.

Can be worn under your soccer cleats, boots, running shoes etc.

Speed Step-In Entry is a quick and easy on/off fit system without the bulk and hassle of laces.

Ideal for replacing tape.

The streamlined fit feels great even in the snuggest performance soccer cleats and shoes. 40% lighter than traditional ankle braces for soccer.

The support stays on both sides of the brace, as well as the side straps provide excellent medial and lateral ankle joint stability to prevent injury.

What you should know

Whether you’ve recently suffered from a sprain, tendonitis or fasciitis, this ankle brace will help get you back on your feet in no time.

The compression and stabilization features work to reduce swelling and inflammation.

With five sizes to choose from (Small to XX Large), this ankle brace can be tailored to fit anyone’s needs.

Each size fits both the left or right foot, making it perfect for athletes of all levels.

No need to worry about dirtying up your braces. The fabric is machine washable on a gentle cycle, and can be air dried for easy cleaning.

Best ankle brace for soccer

NEENCA Professional AnkleBrace Compression Sleeve

Why we love it

Made of breathable high-elastic air knit fabric. The material is lightweight and has ventilation holes to make it breathable. It has been designed to fit like a second skin.

These compression sleeves provide comfort and support, but at the same time allow full range of motion in the foot and ankle joint.

It effectively disperses pressure, keeping your ankle joint stabilised and preventing joint strain.

Wraps around your ankle to enhance the stability of joint and relax tendons, giving significant pain relief and speeding up injury recovery.

Target compression and improve blood circulation, professional ankle sleeves will reduce pain of achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, joint pain, swelling and heel spurs, and other ankle or foot pain.

Medical grade plantar fasciitis socks with foot arch support will give significant  pain relief and speed up injury recovery.

It is great for pain recovery or workout.

It has non-slip silicon strips,and the high elastic fabric helps prevent slipping during sport or exercise.

What you need to know

Comes in 4 sizes – The ankle protector comes in 4 sizes, Small to X Large, to ensure a perfect fit for everyone.

Three colours – Choose between black, blue or copper to match your style.

Ventilated design – Keeps you cool and comfortable while you play. The air knit fabric quickly absorbs and evaporates sweat, keeping you dry and preventing bacteria build-up.

Elastic and compressive – Provides extra reinforcement and compression without sacrificing your mobility or comfort.

Best ankle brace for soccer

Bodyprox Ankle Support Brace

Why we love it

The Bodyprox Ankle Support Brace is adjustable and fits most sizes.

It’s a great light weight support which is easy to put on and take off, making it perfect for any sporting activity.

It is made with latex-free neoprene and sweat-wicking fabric. This fabric helps to keep the feet dry, comfortable, and odor-free throughout the entire day.

It provides excellent support, while the soft-wavy Silicon Gel provides an added grip which stops it from sliding.

An open heel design allows full range of movement and amazing flexibility, with a secure velcro tab. One size fits most.

Reinforced and adjustable to fit anyone, of any age.

The strap allows you to freely wrap and adjust it with the customised fit and pin-point compression needed which promotes blood circulation, effectively boost recuperation, and lessen fatigue build-up.

Fits the shoe well for a sleek look. This ankle brace is made for men and women, so you can have the perfect fit.

What you need to know

Buy singly or as a pair. This ankle brace is available either singly or as a pair, so you can get the protection you need for both ankles.

One Size Fits Most. The ankle brace is designed to fit most people, so no matter what your build, you’ll be able to use it.

Fits left and right foot.

It can be worn for post injury recovery, or during sport to help prevent ankle injuries.

Best ankle brace for soccer

GARNO ankle compression sleeve

Why we love it

This ankle brace combines a compression sleeve with adjustable stability straps sewn to the sock which helps keep them in the right place.

This allows excellent compression and support, but still allows full range of motion and flexibility for sport.

It is lightweight, with breathable material that is moisture wicking that helps reduce sweat.

The quick adjust Velcro strap lets you customize the fit for better stabilization of your ankle.

The breathable material of compression sock is moisture-wicking that helps reduce sweat.

The ergonomic design keeps it in place even when wearing shoes to keep it from rolling down or shifting.

It is designed to be worn after injury to help speed up your recobery, or for sport or exercise.

What you need to know

The quick adjust Velcro strap lets you customize the fit for better stabilization of your ankle.

The ergonomic design keeps it in place even when wearing shoes to keep it from rolling down or shifting.

It is made from nylon and is durable.

Two colors, black and grey – This ankle brace comes in two colors so that you can choose the one that matches your team’s colors.

Size fits most (M/L/XL) – One size fits most, so it will fit anyone who needs it.


Is it OK to play soccer with a sprained ankle?

Ankle sprains can range from severe to mild, and sometimes when the ankle pain isn’t too great it can be tempting to keep playing with the injury.

But playing through a sprained ankle can lead it to heal incorrectly, causing chronic ankle issues to arise an increasing risk of further ankle injuries.

Can you play soccer with an ankle brace?

That’s the trade-off when you wear an ankle brace. While it may slightly affect your touch on the ball, it will also protect your ankle so you can continue playing soccer.

Some soccer players say that once they got used to wearing a brace they don’t feel comfortable playing without it.

What do soccer players do for ankle support?

A study in the journal ‘Pediatrics’ found that ankle injuries account for 16 percent to 29 percent of soccer injuries among child and youth players, and affect males more.

A soccer player looking for ankle support needs to balance the need to avoid ankle injury with the sport’s demands for exceptionally fluid foot movements.

While some players tape their ankles and others use no protection, a growing number in the soccer community choose to wear ankle guards to stop injury.

Is it better to tape your ankle or wear a brace?

When it comes to protecting your ankles, the evidence shows wearing support is key. Braces may offer more protection than taping alone, but a combination of both will give you the best defence against injury.

High-top sneakers could also be beneficial – research has found they can help in preventing common ankle injuries by over 50% when combined with taping. And doing something is definitely better than doing nothing!

How tight should an ankle brace be?

An ankle brace should be just tight enough that it keeps the joint stable while allowing you to move normally.

To ensure proper fit, check your circulation by pinching the nail of your big toe and make sure color returns quickly after release.

Why do soccer players tape their ankles?

To stay on the field, a soccer player takes precautions to protect their feet and ankles from injury. By taping them up or wearing an ankle brace before games or practices, athletes can help prevent ankle injuries as well as accelerate healing in case of a sprain or bruise.

With this extra security measure intact, they have greater confidence to give it all out there when playing.

Should I wear my ankle brace all day?

If you are using your ankle brace as a rehabilitative or treatment device you would wear your ankle brace throughout the day to help to prevent ankle sprains.

For sport, an ankle brace would be worn during both practice and while playing your games.

For more information on ankle injuries check this link to Physiotherapy for Sprained Ankle.

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