8 Reasons Why Remedial Massage Is Good For You

Here at West Pennant Hills Physiotherapy and Sports Injuries Centre, we get so many questions about remedial massage. For example, many of our clients who are under large amounts of stress at work often ask whether a remedial massage will benefit them. Many people don’t realise that a remedial massage is a very different type of massage to one you would get done by a beauty therapist at a day spa.

So What Is A Remedial Massage?

Remedial massage is a hands on therapy which aims to treat muscles that are damaged, knotted, tense or immobile. This treatment is used to identify and repair damaged areas of the body, whilst aiding the body’s own healing process. Depending on the injury or desired outcome, the pressure can be of deep intensity, or it can be more soft and shallow.

8 Reasons Why Remedial Massage Is Good For You

Remedial massage is different to other forms of gentle relaxation massage. A remedial massage therapist undergoes extensive training to gain advanced knowledge of anatomy and physiology. It is used for the prevention and management of injuries, particularly soft tissue injuries. Therapists are trained to assess your body, observe changes over time and design individual treatment plans for each client. Remedial massage is so much more than a “feel-good” massage. Specific techniques are used to address your injury, postural or joint issues. Remedial massage can be performed in conjunction with other health professionals such as a Physiotherapist as part of a whole treatment plan.

What Are The Benefits Of Remedial Massage?

Here are our top 8 reasons why remedial massage is good for you

1. It encourages blood flow

Remedial massage encourages blood flow to the tissues being treated by stimulating the circulatory system. Increasing blood flow to the area helps to speed up the healing process and repair damaged tissue.

2. It increases the range of joint motion

Remedial massage can help increase your joint range of motion. Your therapist will work on the muscles around your affected joint which can help aid joint mobility and restore your movement.

3. It releases tight and overworked muscles

8 Reasons Why Remedial Massage Is Good For You

Rebalance the length, tension and tone of muscles. Remedial massage works to release tight and overworked muscles, reduce spasms and assist in tissue regeneration.

4. It treats a wide range of health disorders

Remedial massage benefits a wide variety of health disorders. Common issues that can be treated with remedial massage include sporting injuries, muscle cramps, arthritis, whiplash, frozen shoulder. It can also be helpful for those suffering from insomnia, anxiety, chronic pain, or disabilities such as multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy and muscular atrophy.

5. It helps manage overall pain and injuries

Remedial massage works really well to help decrease pain with acute injuries, and alleviate pain in those with chronic conditions. Having a maintenance massage every couple of weeks or monthly can be extremely beneficial in managing your pain.

8 Reasons Why Remedial Massage Is Good For You

6. It relieves tight muscles

If you suffer from tight muscles, your remedial massage therapist will use trigger point techniques, as well as stretching techniques to elongate muscles that are abnormally tight. The techniques used can also help to break down adhesions such as scar tissue that may have formed after an injury

7. It reduces stress

Another great benefit of remedial massage is its effect on stress reduction. Remedial massage can promote a decrease in cortisol (the hormone produced when we are stressed and in pain). Massage also promotes an increased level of serotonin and dopamine, to improve your mood, encourage relaxation and relieve your pain. Massage reduces both emotional and physical stress.

8. It relieves muscle tension, particularly in the neck and shoulder region

If you are looking to improve your posture, remedial massage can help by relieving muscle tension particularly in the neck and shoulder area. These muscles are prone to becoming very tight especially in office workers and those who use a computer all day.

When Should I Get A Remedial Massage?

Remedial massage can be performed on both acute and chronic conditions. With acute or recent injuries, remedial massage is indicated 72 hours following the injury. In the first 72 hours it is important to follow the RICE principle. That is, rest, ice, compression and elevation, to help reduce inflammation and swelling.

8 Reasons Why Remedial Massage Is Good For You

For more chronic conditions, coming in for a maintenance massage every 2-4 weeks is ideal and will help to promote increased mobility and optimum function. Having a massage regularly will aim to prevent conditions from becoming more problematic and painful.

We offer remedial massage here at West Pennant Hills Physiotherapy and Sports Injuries Centre by appointment from Monday to Saturday. Our remedial massage therapist offers individually tailored treatments depending on your goals and desired outcome. Contact us by giving us a call today on 9875 3760 or email us at info@wphphysio.com.au to book in your appointment.

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